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Welcome at Creanza where "Everything has its time"

Filetto di branzino con verdure di stagione

In Via Savona in Milan, a stone's throw away from the Navigli, there is a small

and intimate restaurant, with round tables, warm lights and wallpapers. It is a place

of the heart because we designed it that way in every detail. A place that wants

to communicate with the historicity of the neighborhood that hosts it and with

the memory of the grandparents' houses in which we lived in, when we gathered in the dining rooms which depicted a different era. The starting point was simple: the liberty connotation of the previous management, which upon our arrival in 2019 was refreshed, bringing a still friendly but more informal and youthful atmosphere.

An atmosphere made of 'creanza', understood as good manners, polite but not pompous, present but not ostentatious.

The word 'creanza' itself presupposes in its etymology not only a code of education,

but of actual 'creation', such as the world of cooking is. Creating means producing

where there was none before, but also transforming, experimenting, trying. In short,

it is the attempt to transcend the ordinary to obtain broader results, because behind

the creation of a dish lies research, and in front of it lies its story. This process

cannot therefore lose communication along its steps which require a double denominator: passion and professionalism. It may seem rhetorical but we know well

that it is really the only possible way to achieve sincere gratification and credibility which we do not want to escape.

I soci: Stefano, Paolo e Ulisse

Our dishes are therefore the result

of a study that begins with the discovery

of raw materials. A growing trend

but which has accompanied us in our choices since the first opening.

Ours is a desire to make known rather

than to surprise. Of course, some products with their flavor and connotation seem made precisely for this; that is, to induce that “Wow!” that you really don't expect. But we like to think that this too

is the result of the desire to do that many producers transmit to us, with their work consisting of marinades, seasonings

and a lot of healthy, good patience.

In our travels that we are going to tell you about, the love that certain genuine characters show towards the animal products and the land that they care

for and cultivate has always proved fundamental. Small worlds that are often traditional and "conservative", but more often than not also experimental, with respect

and moderation.

The result is a catalog of delicious creations that never cease to amaze us and enrich us (emotionally, of course!). Precisely for this reason in Creanza we thought of opening

a blog that would allow us to stay in touch with our loyal customers, most of whom are now friends. To give them (and therefore, you) an in-depth window into our "discoveries" and preparations that the serving time sometimes doesn't allow, otherwise the dish will get cold!

Lo staff di Creanza

Furthermore, we would like this window to be an opportunity for a commutative

and not 'one-way' dialogue, so please do not hesitate to contact us to recommend

new local products, be it food, wine or other peculiar rarities.

We are waiting for you as always in via Savona 20

For suggestions or pleasant reports, write to us at

Or on WhatsApp at +39 351 81 91 960


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